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  Plastic uPVC Gates

While many people choose wooden or metal gates for their gardens and back yards, have you ever considered installing plastic gates? Plastic in gating and fencing is extremely resilient. It is a common misconception that plastic simply doesnít do the job when it comes to protecting your garden. UPVC gates not only look great, but they are built to weather years and years of heavy use.

Why Buy Plastic Gates?
If you are looking at installing a new gate or two for your garden, you may have already looked at traditional wooden or metal options. However, you need to bear in mind how resistant these materials are from season to season.

∑ Metal gates can be subject to rust or erosion if they arenít maintained or painted regularly.
∑ Wood, too, can spoil in the rain if it is not of high quality, or if it is not properly treated.
∑ Both metal and wood can be at risk of damage or wear and tear more so than plastic.

Plastic gates, much like plastic fences, can withstand just about everything that is thrown at them.

∑ They are almost completely maintenance free! You can install and leave a plastic gate to stand proud for years to come. They will simply need minimal cleaning occasionally.

∑ They will never need painting!†

∑ They are robust and resilient. It is probably common to think that plastic is flimsy, or poor to hold up.

∑ Our UPVC gates are built with years of use in mind. That means, even with a heavy-handed approach or regular use, they will look and work just as intended even years down the line. Our maintenance free approach to design and manufacture means you will always receive a gate or two to stand up to weather and human traffic alike.

∑ Plastic gates, too, are secure. They are extremely hard to penetrate! They can be provided with a wide range of locking mechanisms and standards as per your needs. That means latches, hinges and posts will always be provided as standard.†

∑ We understand that a gate needs to be strong and protective. Thatís why we recommend plastic all year round! †

Unique UPVC Gates

An added benefit to buying a plastic UPVC gate is that we can be flexible with the design for you. That means, with just a brief consultation or two, we can design you a completely bespoke garden or drive gate fit to your specifications and desires.†

Our gates are always made-to-measure. That means we make sure to be completely accurate from design to manufacturing and installation. If we donít have a default size of gate in stock for you, we will design you one which will fit your gap.

We can even add up to 2m in heights, arches and more. Our gates are completely customisable! Choose from colours in white, brown, rosewood, green, black or golden oak Ė generally built to fit gaps between 775mm and 2085mm in width.

Need a single or double gate to fit a specific gap in your garden? Why not consider plastic gates? Call Plastic Fencing UK today on 01253 260840 for a free, no-obligation quote. Simply let us know the size of your gap and we will do the rest!

Maintenance Free uPVC Gates

Our Standard gate range includes a variety of single gates and fencing panels, fitting varying gaps between 775mm and 2085mm
Available in white, brown, rosewood, green, black and golden oak.
Standard size side gate to replace those old timber units. Supplied complete with hinges, latch and posts, these gates can easily be fitted into an existing opening to enhance any home. This system is maintenance free, and will never need painting. This garden gate is made to measure, and the gate leaf itself can go up to 1200mm wide and 2000mm in height. The side posts are 100mm x 100mm x 2000mm in height, pre-fitted with a snap-in slot cover and need to be secured to an existing wall or post.
If the gap for your gate does not match our sizes, we will make the gate to your size. We can also add an arch and go up to 2m in height. Contact us for a price, or if you need a matching panel.
Our bespoke range of gates are made to measure and tailored to suit your requirements . Available in White and Golden Oak, complete with hinges, handle, secure key lock and posts if required. All that is required from you for a quote is the gap size, and the height you would like the gate. These are available in single or double gates.

Executive range of gates in white and golden oak

Our executive range of PVC gates has fully integrated aluminium frames, no visible screws and mouldings. This exciting range will enhance any home and can also be made into automated gates.


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Nationwide Installation on Maintenance Free uPVC Fencing & Gates

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Nationwide Delivery on all Plastic Fencing & Gates

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